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I just wanted to let you know that I’m looking for someone to update this blog for a few weeks. I know I haven’t been updating for a while, and that is because of school and spring break. I don’t really know if I want to update for a while. I’ve lost some motivation to do so. But if anyone wants to update this blog for a while. Let me know. Leave a note in the ask box. Thank you!

extraordinairerosie-deactivated asked: Hi :) i just wanna thank u for this beautiful blog! My god shes a beauty !! a true beauty :) she kinda looks like Irina shayk but ifcourse shes prettier !!!: ) thanks for all ur hard work <3 i followed ur beautiful blog !!

Oh, thank you :) That is so nice to read! Really appriciate it.

Jessica Lowndes › The CW Network’s 2012 Upfront

gensis-surburb asked: I LOVE your blog please post more she is my role model

i am so sorry for not posting as much as before! i will post soon!

Anonymous asked: I love your blog. Why don't you post any pictures of her anymore? :(

Thank you. I’ve been busy with school. But I promise, I will today or next week :)